Prizm GSi Registry


We hope to compile a decent listing of the remaining GSi – dead or alive.  If you own a GSi, or have seen one for sale online or in person, fill out the form below!  We will register it here for posterity.  With only about 7,000 ever built, the overall disposable nature of early 90s subcompact cars, and the intervening years, there probably aren’t too many left.

VIN Year Body Trans Color Status
1Y1SL5452LZ181455 1990 Notch Auto Med. Gray On the road
1Y1SL7450LZ110864 1990 Hatch White Crushed
1Y1SL6459MZ005820 1991 Hatch Manual Black On the road
1Y1SL5453MZ037866 1991 Notch Red Crushed
1Y1SL5451MZ084295 1991 Notch Red Crushed
1Y1SL5456NZ068580 1992 Notch Auto Red On the road
1Y1SL5451NZ012532 1992 Hatch Blue Crushed
1Y1SL5451NZ012532 1992 Notch Red Crushed

Submit your Prizm GSi here:


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