Red ’92


Joy to those who live in the Inland Northwest – while Seattle and Portland seem to have their share of interesting old cars that have escaped the tin worm due to un-salted winter roads and mild sunshine that doesn’t bake interior plastics – just over a mountain or two are the somewhat forgetten hinterlands of eastern Washington, home of similar, but even cheaper cars.


The remoteness of the region’s cities and towns seems to conspire to depress car prices just a bit, and you can find decent, unoxidized classics for nickels it seems. An example is this well-loved, but still pretty straight 1992 Prizm GSi notchback. Listed with 136,000 miles and no interior pix, the outside looks straight, rust-free and horribly shod with perhaps up to three different wheel designs. But no matter. For an ask of $900, if it’s a runner, then these beckon.


Check it out on Craigslist in Walla Walla, Washington, a city so awesome, they named it twice.


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