Hatchback Alert! Silver ’91

Just when you think they’re all gone, a super-rare hatchback pops up for sale in the deep south.  It’s been a while since any GSi have shown up for sale online, and this one escaped our notice for a few weeks due to Google search algorithms and bad luck.

If you’ve been following along, you know that this particular 1991 hatchback is the rarest of all Prizm GSi models, 1 of 237.  The seldom-seen silver paint on this one looks pretty rough – with some rattle-can flat black likely covering up failed clearcoat on the horizontal surfaces.  But the body looks fairly straight, and if it spent it’s life in Georgia – it could theoretically be free of rust. No photos of the interior are usually a red flag, but the fact that the cargo cover is still intact and included is a plus – trying to source one of those to hide your subwoofer box would be a royal pain.

You ready to snap up a very rare, possibly collectible ride?  Scrape up $850 out of your couch cushions, because that’s the ask.  With 133,000 miles, if it’s in decent mechanical shape – it’s a screaming deal, even if you just want a commuter beater.  It’s even a stick! This one checks all the boxes.

Get it here.


2 thoughts on “Hatchback Alert! Silver ’91

  1. Wow!

    That one does look like a screaming deal, even as a beater.

    I don’t know much about these cars, but compared to others you’ve posted, this one definitely looks like the best deal.


    1. Yeah, this one is kinda painful – if it was even just in the western US, I’d make it happen. The price is fantastic and I have a pretty strong feeling that the body is rust-free and straight. It’s definitely a white whale.

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