It All Started With The One Spot


While the Prizm GSi is in pretty good shape – it’s been described as a “peach” – there are definitely some cosmetic issues that need to be addressed. Continue reading


Update – Red ’90

Still for sale in Southern California, the Red 1990 Sedan from this earlier post is still available – now marked down to $1300.  Despite the fact that this is the ninth time an ad featuring this car has been posted on Craigslist, neither a single clear shot of the driver’s side of the car nor a mileage figure has been provided.   Continue reading

Black ’91 Hatchback

Here we see the sad end of one of two-hundred and thirty-seven hatchbacks from the 1991 model year in a junkyard in Oakland, California.  From the very close-up shot, we can see that the rear hatch glass is missing – which may very well be the reason the car was junked.  At some point, sourcing such a replacement item is the final straw.  Vaya con Geos, amigo.

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