Changes Afoot

Sometimes, things just work out perfectly.  Like the simple and effective condensation repair undertaken a while back, the transition from the Prizm GSi to a new Prizm GSi was impressively smooth.  (Unlike that sentence – Ed.)

“Say what?” you ask.

Quite simply, the red GSi notchback that graced these very pages over the last few months has been sold down the river.  No honor among thieves and no loyalty among car owners.  The reason?  The opportunity to get my grubby mitts on a true unicorn – a rare and quite well-preserved hatchback.

As a reader of this blog, you’re probably aware of the scarcity of such a vehicle.  Sadly, the particular car in question was not a super rare 1991 model, but a very rare 1990.  One of 583, according to GM, and as of now, mine.

So how did the whole transition go down?  Glad you asked.  There’s this thing called Facebook, and it’s a weird and wonderful place.  On this book, you may find a group known to some as Obscure Cars for Sale.  There, you will find obscure cars for sale.  A hatchback Prizm GSi being of that description.  And that’s where one appeared on a fine June morning.  Waking from a lovely night’s sleep, I was greeted with a notification on my Facebook screen, alerting me to the existence of my unicorn.  A Batsignal with a Geo logo, if you will.

Fingers trembling with excitement, I tapped out a quick email to the owner stating my interest.  My email was brief, but let him know that I’d been looking for the hatchback model for a while – I threw the rules of negotiation out the window early in this process.  The seller was a fellow GSi enthusiast and was happy to see not only myself, but another person interested in a Prizm GSi specifically, and not just a cheap car to be used and abused.  I doubled down in my follow-up email – letting him know that if I could sell my current GSi quickly, I would absolutely buy his.  We came to an agreement and I listed my GSi on the local Craigslist.  Whereby it sold within a couple of days to… a fellow GSi enthusiast.  One who fortunately had not seen the advertisement for my hatchback.

So, in the span of a few days, red notchback sold, white hatchback purchased.  There will be a few updates to the red car from my days of ownership, as well as some news from the current owner, but from here on out, expect much hatchback content.  And I’m so stoked.

2 thoughts on “Changes Afoot

  1. Congrats!

    It sounds like an awesome opportunity presented itself before you, and you scored big time because of it.

    After just buying a newer vehicle, I have no room for another one, but I have to say that I am slightly jealous.


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