White ’90

Thin.  Not the paint on a GSi bumper. Not my hair, well not in this context at least.  Thin, as in the GSi sure is thin on the ground these days.

You may have noticed it’s been a while since a post on this page – the blame lays squarely on the marketplace, which has provided precious few cars for sale, and not on your humble author, who has done diddly squat for the past few weeks.

But this particular car may be the cheapest (theoretically) running GSi we’ve seen.

Another fairly common 1990 notchback model, as evidenced by the older style outside mirrors and lower case badging, with nearly 3,000 built.  Mileage is shown on a instrument panel shot as a few ticks over 163,000 miles, but as owners may attest, that’s not a terrible number.  These cars can and do run quite a while, given a reasonable amount of maintenance.  The car is a little banged up as seen in the photos, but everything appears to be there, minus a busted rear taillight assembly and a center cap – though the passenger side is mysteriously absent from the photo gallery.

It is a manual – though one nit-pick with the ad: don’t list it as a gas saver.  Please.  Spinning nearly 4,000 RPM at modern freeway speeds is not a good recipe for frugality.  Yeah, it’s a cheap car, and yeah, it’ll get decent mileage, but this thoroughbred is a sport sedan!  Market it as such and reap an extra hundred dollars or so, bank it.

Nevertheless, if it’s a decent runner, with a relatively straight body, this may be a good resto candidate or autocross weapon.

Found via the Los Angeles Craigslist.


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