White ’90

Scrolling back through the posts on this blog, you will notice a pattern – you can have a Prizm GSi in any color you like, as long as it’s red, white or black. Sure there were a few outliers – a silver, a subtle champagne color, as well as a nice dark blue. But for the most part, it was one of the big three listed above.

This white notchback is in pretty nice shape – while the miles are high, the interior looks well kept, body panels straight, and blemishes are few. Rust is always a concern on these cars located outside the west coast and southern states, but none is mentioned in the ad and a cursory look at the ad photos seem clear.

The seller mentions a new clutch has been installed, and from the looks of those center caps with their bright red logo, it would appear that someone has spent a few minutes perusing eBay for replacements.


Whether a 200,000 mile GSi commands the asking price remains to be seen, but it’s nice to come across a nicely written, knowledgeable and well-photographed advertisement. Surprisingly, this isn’t the first such ad in recent weeks.

Do new wheel center caps justify almost three grand for a GSi?  Available for $2997 on Craigslist in Denver, Colorado.

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