Perhaps people are starting to recognize the Geo Prizm GSi as a legitimate and valued collector car.  Or maybe Google is beginning to pick up these very pages in their search algorithm.  Whichever it is, prices on the last couple of GSi available on Craigslist have certainly spiked over previous ads.


Available in Florida is this RAREST COROLLA BUILT.  Citing statistics listed on this page verbatim, the seller provides a few poorly-framed shots of what appears to be a fairly straight GSi in red – unusual considering most that left the factory in this shade are now pink unless well maintained.  So that’s a good sign to start.

Unfortunately beyond some copy-and-paste from the depths of a Google search, there’s not much more information available.

Definitely an automatic, most likely a 1990 model, certainly red, and in okay condition on the driver’s side.

Is this fairly low mileage example worth $2500?  The market will tell.  Sadly, the ad relies more on information culled from elsewhere, rather than including details on the particular car on sale.  Photos don’t tell much of a story either.  The seller could learn from another recent ad featured here as a way to command a premium for a 27-year old economy car – utilize Craigslist’s full potential.  Up to 24 photos, no limit on text, etc.  With the right ad, yeah, this car could definitely go for decent money.

Until then, as of today, there are three complete GSi available on Craigslist including this one, as well as a parts car.  Rare yes.  Valuable?  Remains to be seen.

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