Primer ‘90

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to say about a car based on an ad. Obviously rough-looking due to a rattle-can primer paint job, this 1990 sedan is located in Madison, Wisconsin – which in itself is a big red flag. These cars, after all, are not known for robust rust resistance.  But, the seller says that the car spent most of its life in Southern California. So there’s that.

The ad also shows over 200,000 miles on the clock – but the seller lists a number of newly-replaced items such as the timing belt, clutch, clutch master cylinder, both half-shafts, distributor and more. Definitely a positive there.

Is a multi-colored, high mileage GSi worth the $1200 asking price? It’s honestly hard to say – based on advertisements across the country for these cars recently, there is no consensus on value other than the car is worth what someone will pay for it.

Ready to take a flyer on a well-loved car? Check out the ad on Craigslist 
and make an offer.



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