Cheap Red ’92 and Bonus Car

Well, it’s been a while again – very few GSi available for sale for the past few weeks – unless you count those that are strangely still for sale.  But this particular example is probably the cheapest one seen online – just $350 bones gets you in the door of GSi ownership.

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On Colors

Given that cars last much longer than they did 30 years ago, it’s really no wonder that a vast majority of cars sold today are some variation of beige, silver, gray, black or white.  No one wants to have a garish color polluting their driveway for the next decade when a simple black makes a classy and not too brash statement.

Likewise, no dealer wants to have a handful of unfashionable teal sedans languishing on the lot while the more conservatively-tinted cars move quickly. It’s then no surprise that the manufacturers are constantly tweaking the color selection of various models to meet or anticipate demand year-by-year.

But have you ever wondered why you’ve never seen that bold Dark Blue Metallic on a GSi hatchback? Or why it seems like most every GSi you see is Bright Red?

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