Convince Me This is(n’t) a Bad Idea, Part 2

In this second installment of Convince Me This is(n’t) a Bad Idea™, we see a couple of grainy shots of what appear to be Toyota Sprinter Trueno flip-up headlights magically grafted into the front ends of a 4- and 5- door Sprinters somewhere in Southeast Asia.

What magnificent sorcery is this?

The only thing greater than a 5-door hatchback is one with flip up headlights.  Let us consider for a moment how many cars have this magical combination.  Yeah, not too many, right?

Of course, rare doesn’t mean valuable, nor does it mean desirable, but how awesome would a 5-door GSi be with pop-ups?  Not mine of course, I’m keeping it factory.  At least that’s what I’m telling myself this week…

It would almost certainly be less of an invasive sawzall job than the last Bad Idea posted on these pages, but somehow it seems like there are probably a ton of little parts needed, mounting points relocated and assorted wiring and plumbing re-routed.

Your thoughts –  Waste of time?  Or are you all in with the junkyard toolbox and angle grinder? Comments below…


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