Cheap Red ’92 and Bonus Car

Well, it’s been a while again – very few GSi available for sale for the past few weeks – unless you count those that are strangely still for sale.  But this particular example is probably the cheapest one seen online – just $350 bones gets you in the door of GSi ownership.

The ad looks pretty straightforward – this isn’t a clean, pristine vehicle.  It’s rough, dirty, banged up and costs less than a new iPhone.  But that won’t wind up to 7500 rpm unless you drop it down the toilet mid-flush, and the owner of this fine rig says that it runs good, unlike a soaked iPhone.

Looking for a challenge or a sedan restoration candidate?  Check out the ad here and get yourself to Athens, Ohio. Mind the step over the pile of Red Bull empties.

Special Bonus Car

Oh, and while we’re here, a Prizm of unknown provenance. This one could be a GSi – or could be a base model sporting an all-over paint job.  The bumpers are body color, but the grille isn’t.  It does have the blacked-out window trim of the up-level Prizm, but then all of the 1990 models did.   Hard to say what’s being presented in this ad – there’s one pic and scant detail – contact the seller and see what’s up.

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