Blue ’92

UPDATE 1/29/2019 – This two-tone oddball is still for sale, price reduced to $1900.

Sounds like the cadence of the quarterback ready to make an audible right? Or just a slightly confused Japanese-American sedan…

Oh, but you’d be wrong – it’s (at least partially) a quite rare Dark Blue Metallic Prizm GSi. The partial portion seems to stem from an attempt to cover up some failing clearcoat on the horizontal surfaces – that would be an educated guess, however.

While the outside isn’t factory-fresh, the interior actually looks pretty nice. All the important parts are there and even the upholstery is clean and mostly intact.

It does feature the 4-speed ECT automatic transmission, which as noted in other posts is a pretty good auto, but still no manual.

Beside the two-tone paint, the other oddity that jumps out is the Toyota-branded valve cover. Was the engine swapped at some point? Minor quibbles aside, if this car has spent its days within an hour or so drive from its place of construction, it could be a solid buy.

Find it in Oakland, California for $2300.

Updated Ad: Price reduced to $1900

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