Red ‘Mechanic Special’

Found only because of a search for “Geo Prism” on a whim, here’s a red sedan of uncertain year. Advertised as a fixer, this car hasn’t run in a couple of years, though it looks fairly complete, and though significantly oxidized, not too bad in general. Especially considering the asking price.

300 bucks. No, it’s not a runner. And there is some slight body damage near the fuel filler door. But it’s in one piece, and it has this…

Don’t see those too often, do you? For the incredibly low asking price, this 1991 or 92 model could be quite the steal. It’s a manual transmission, too.

Find this super cheap fixer-upper in Clayton, Georgia via this Craiglist ad. Then let send lots of photos of the restoration. At this price, it’s a no lose proposition!

One thought on “Red ‘Mechanic Special’

  1. Talk about some hard cars to come by. I haven’t been in the Toyota/jdm world in a while and I wanted to find and have the only 4ag powered car that haven’t owned so far and man so far nothing. Anyways still looking around in the Northeast area.

    Also I figured I would share this car, might work out for someone here.


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