Red ’92


Just when you think the supply of GSi has been exhausted completely, another red sedan pops up in a junkyard.  Perhaps this recent drought can be attributed to people suddenly realizing that this particular model is deserving of restoration and preservation, or maybe we truly are reaching the bottom of the barrel.  In any case, here’s a potential parts car for you if you’re in the Pacific Northwest.

On Colors

Given that cars last much longer than they did 30 years ago, it’s really no wonder that a vast majority of cars sold today are some variation of beige, silver, gray, black or white.  No one wants to have a garish color polluting their driveway for the next decade when a simple black makes a classy and not too brash statement.

Likewise, no dealer wants to have a handful of unfashionable teal sedans languishing on the lot while the more conservatively-tinted cars move quickly. It’s then no surprise that the manufacturers are constantly tweaking the color selection of various models to meet or anticipate demand year-by-year.

But have you ever wondered why you’ve never seen that bold Dark Blue Metallic on a GSi hatchback? Or why it seems like most every GSi you see is Bright Red?

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