The 2021 Calendar is Here!

Your local cellular phone store is probably tired of you trying to exchange the last phone you tried to use as a calendar. That nail you drove through the middle of the screen somehow messed up the electronics and produced thousands of tiny shards of glass that still get impaled into your fingertips with every use. Why not just throw down 9 bucks and get … Continue reading The 2021 Calendar is Here!

Unanticipated GSi

Sunday morning. Everyone else fed and doing whatever it is they do on a Sunday morning – including the dog, snoring away in the corner after being awake for all of approximately 22 minutes.

On the table is a plate of fried eggs, flanked by two pieces of sourdough toast with perhaps just a smidge too much butter. No matter, the smart phone is queued up with a classified car search, something different today – the Toyota FX16. It’s shaping up to be a good way to wrap up the weekend.

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