Convince Me This is(n’t) a Bad Idea, Part 2

In this second installment of Convince Me This is(n’t) a Bad Idea™, we see a couple of grainy shots of what appear to be Toyota Sprinter Trueno flip-up headlights magically grafted into the front ends of a 4- and 5- door Sprinters somewhere in Southeast Asia.

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Convince Me This is(n’t) a Bad Idea


We’ve previous established the relative rarity of the various incarnations of the Prizm GSi – comparitively, the sedan is a dime-a-dozen model, while the hatchback would command, well at least a couple of dimes per dozen. Yeah, they are rare, but as a friend once pointed out, that doesn’t necessarily make them desirable or valuable.

So what if a guy wanted to do something crazy like cut a giant hole in the roof? Is there really that much to lose, other than a capable, but relatively innocuous subcompact unknown by a vast majority of the population?

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