Red ’92


Just when you think the supply of GSi has been exhausted completely, another red sedan pops up in a junkyard.  Perhaps this recent drought can be attributed to people suddenly realizing that this particular model is deserving of restoration and preservation, or maybe we truly are reaching the bottom of the barrel.  In any case, here’s a potential parts car for you if you’re in the Pacific Northwest.

Black ’91 Hatchback

Here we see the sad end of one of two-hundred and thirty-seven hatchbacks from the 1991 model year in a junkyard in Oakland, California.  From the very close-up shot, we can see that the rear hatch glass is missing – which may very well be the reason the car was junked.  At some point, sourcing such a replacement item is the final straw.  Vaya con Geos, amigo.

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