Red ’90

For some reason, this GSi didn’t come up in a Craigslist search when I used the term “Prizm GSi,” but instead popped up in a simple “Prizm” match with the years set between 1989 and 1992.

Which brings us to an important point for those of us looking for a particular car on Craigslist or other online sources – don’t just use one search term.  Try a few, utilize the “full search” functions to include years of manufacture, drop-down menus for make and model, etc.  And perhaps most of all, for those searching for a Prizm GSi, do a search under “Prism.”

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Buyer Beware

Just a quick note to get a couple of things out of the way – we are under no delusion that the Geo Prizm GSi is some sort of ultra-desirable status symbol that is a prime example of rampant car fakery. It’s not a rare muscle car, a one-of-a-handful brass-era machine – it’s an early 90’s subcompact that happens to be built in relatively few numbers.

That said, there is still opportunity for people to take advantage of an uneducated public. In a quest to make this site the central place for Prizm GSi knowledge, we present the following.


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White ’90 Hatchback


Hatchback alert!  And oh, how your editors wish it were better than this.  Despite the horrible photography, it’s pretty easy to surmise that this ride is destined for the scrapheap very soon indeed.  Without even seeing what sins that blue spray paint may hide, the Craigslist location in Ohio will certainly give a hint.  There’s rust visible even in the dark photos and I would assume, in many, many other places as well.  It’s rare, yes, but also quite done. Continue reading “White ’90 Hatchback”

Red ’92


Joy to those who live in the Inland Northwest – while Seattle and Portland seem to have their share of interesting old cars that have escaped the tin worm due to un-salted winter roads and mild sunshine that doesn’t bake interior plastics – just over a mountain or two are the somewhat forgetten hinterlands of eastern Washington, home of similar, but even cheaper cars. Continue reading “Red ’92”

Wrecked White ’92


An unfortunate rear-end collision victim, this otherwise apparently rust-free northwestern car looks pretty clean.  Almost certainly too much damage for all but the very most hard-core of Prizm enthusiasts, this one is on offer for it’s engine and other greasy bits.  Sadly, only three photos and no information on mileage, other than a statement of a strong-running engine that may need a tune-up. Continue reading “Wrecked White ’92”

How Rare is the Prizm GSi?


There were 2,972 four door sedans produced for the 1990 model year.  The car pictured above was the only one that I was able to find on Craigslist as of August 29, 2016.  Still a runner, according to the seller – it has been for sale for a couple of months by now, having found no one ambitious enough to either straighten a significant number of body panels, or put it out of its misery and harvest the drivetrain.   Continue reading “How Rare is the Prizm GSi?”