Cheap Red ’92 and Bonus Car

Well, it’s been a while again – very few GSi available for sale for the past few weeks – unless you count those that are strangely still for sale.  But this particular example is probably the cheapest one seen online – just $350 bones gets you in the door of GSi ownership.

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Come On Now – Someone Has To Buy This Car

(So I don’t have to.)

Featured here a while back, this is the cream of the crop when it comes to the Prizm GSi.  Sure, it’s not in perfect condition, but someone with a little wherewithal and gumption could get this baby spiffed up in a jiffy.

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Primer ‘90

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to say about a car based on an ad. Obviously rough-looking due to a rattle-can primer paint job, this 1990 sedan is located in Madison, Wisconsin – which in itself is a big red flag. These cars, after all, are not known for robust rust resistance.  But, the seller says that the car spent most of its life in Southern California. So there’s that.

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White ’90

Thin.  Not the paint on a GSi bumper. Not my hair, well not in this context at least.  Thin, as in the GSi sure is thin on the ground these days.

You may have noticed it’s been a while since a post on this page – the blame lays squarely on the marketplace, which has provided precious few cars for sale, and not on your humble author, who has done diddly squat for the past few weeks.

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Changes Afoot

Sometimes, things just work out perfectly.  Like the simple and effective condensation repair undertaken a while back, the transition from the Prizm GSi to a new Prizm GSi was impressively smooth.  (Unlike that sentence – Ed.)

“Say what?” you ask.

Quite simply, the red GSi notchback that graced these very pages over the last few months has been sold down the river.  No honor among thieves and no loyalty among car owners.  The reason?  The opportunity to get my grubby mitts on a true unicorn – a rare and quite well-preserved hatchback. Continue reading