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The Black ’91 Hatchback is For Sale

Ethan of Hello Road fame has decided to sell the oft-featured black 1991 GSi Hatchback show above.  If someone is looking for a super-rare, but super-cheap candidate for restoration, this is it.  One of 237 built and running well, for $1500, you’d be a fool not to buy it immediately.  

Unanticipated GSi

Sunday morning. Everyone else fed and doing whatever it is they do on a Sunday morning – including the dog, snoring away in the corner after being awake for all of approximately 22 minutes. On the table is a plate of fried eggs, flanked by two pieces of sourdough toast with perhaps just a smidgeContinue reading “Unanticipated GSi”

Super Rare GSi Theater

Remember when this extremely rare ’91 hatchback was listed, then again, and again?  Well, someone did finally buy that 1-of-237 unicorn.  And he’s made a very entertaining show about it.  

Know Your NUMMI

If you’ve got an hour of free time, you owe it to yourself to check out this episode of This American Life – it provides a fascinating insight into the creation of the joint venture that formed the NUMMI factory where the Prizm GSi was built.

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