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The Black ’91 Hatchback is For Sale

Ethan of Hello Road fame has decided to sell the oft-featured black 1991 GSi Hatchback show above.  If someone is looking for a super-rare, but super-cheap candidate for restoration, this is it.  One of 237 built and running well, for $1500, you’d be a fool not to buy it immediately.  

Unanticipated GSi

Sunday morning. Everyone else fed and doing whatever it is they do on a Sunday morning – including the dog, snoring away in the corner after being awake for all of approximately 22 minutes. On the table is a plate of fried eggs, flanked by two pieces of sourdough toast with perhaps just a smidge…

Super Rare GSi Theater

Remember when this extremely rare ’91 hatchback was listed, then again, and again?  Well, someone did finally buy that 1-of-237 unicorn.  And he’s made a very entertaining show about it.  

Period Correct Mix Tapes – 1990 Model

Every once in a while, I plan to delve into a topic not entirely GSi-centric.  There will be a GSi tie-in, but it may be a bit tenuous.  So bear with me as we take a detour… One of the key considerations for the various fixes and improvements I’ve planned and begun for the GSi…

Know Your NUMMI

If you’ve got an hour of free time, you owe it to yourself to check out this episode of This American Life – it provides a fascinating insight into the creation of the joint venture that formed the NUMMI factory where the Prizm GSi was built.

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