Check in here for topics not necessarily GSi-related, but related nonetheless.

Unanticipated GSi

Sunday morning. Everyone else fed and doing whatever it is they do on a Sunday morning – including the dog, snoring away in the corner after being awake for all of approximately 22 minutes. On the table is a plate of fried eggs, flanked by two pieces of sourdough toast with perhaps just a smidge too much butter. No matter, the smart phone is queued … Continue reading Unanticipated GSi

Period Correct Mix Tapes – 1990 Model

Every once in a while, I plan to delve into a topic not entirely GSi-centric.  There will be a GSi tie-in, but it may be a bit tenuous.  So bear with me as we take a detour… One of the key considerations for the various fixes and improvements I’ve planned and begun for the GSi has been whether to maintain factory-correct specification, go for a … Continue reading Period Correct Mix Tapes – 1990 Model

Know Your NUMMI

If you’ve got an hour of free time, you owe it to yourself to check out this episode of This American Life – it provides a fascinating insight into the creation of the joint venture that formed the NUMMI factory where the Prizm GSi was built. Continue reading Know Your NUMMI