Read of the successful and not-so-successful tales of various GSi projects commenced by the staff here.

From Scab to Fab

It’s been a while since the last painting project featured on these pages. Ironically, the new owner of the original red Prizm GSi had that perfectly-executed repair painted over by actual professionals. And it looks way better, credit to those who do that sort of thing for a living.

It All Started With The One Spot

While the Prizm GSi is in pretty good shape – it’s been described as a “peach” – there are definitely some cosmetic issues that need to be addressed.

Shine-ish Parts 2 through 4

Obviously, the Prizm GSi wouldn’t be rolling around for long with one presentable aluminum wheel and three dilapidated messes.  No more than a few weeks at least…

Shine… ish

  Well, they can’t all be winners, can they? After the stunning success and almost frightening ease in which the headlight project all came together, one can’t expect that every check box on the list would be completed with such aplomb.

To See and Be Seen

Having ridden a motorcycle for a while now, the concept always rattling around in my brain has been, “drivers can’t see you.”  Magazines, training programs and a rider’s general experiences all reinforce that idea – motorists, while not intentionally trying to kill you, are intentionally trying to kill you. So the rider always tries to…

The Road Not Taken

So there’s a Prizm GSi sitting in the driveway – now what? A decision will need to be made, which road to take – a faithful restoration back to factory spec, or a restomod of sorts, with improved and modernized pieces?

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