I've Got a Welding Rig, Now What?

A while back, I took a 20% off coupon to my local purveyor of cut-price tools and bought myself a welding kit, mask, leather overalls and bubblegum. I’m all out of gum and the project I bought the welding rig for didn’t really require the fusing of metal parts.

So what now?

Ohhh. Yes, that could be fun. Found deep in the bowels of the #AE92 Instagram community was this amazing rig. Some basic searching was able to pin down the source to @bobbysantoso19 and several more photos. Assuming this is the real thing, rendered in steel and plastic, it’s certainly one of the coolest AE92 Corollas out there. If it’s just rendered in pixels via Photoshop, well, it’s still amazing.

There are some amazing AE92 customizations coming out of Southeast Asia – from pop-up headlights to this, the level of creativity is impressive. Kudos to the artist responsible and thanks for adding more crazy ideas to ponder…

… after all, I have to learn to weld somehow.

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